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Cyber Security Blog

Courses in Cyber Security and Their Benefits to the Organization.


Almost all organization from school to government institutions and private organizations rely on computer system to operate. To prevent themselves from getting hacked and a company's important information going to the wrong hands, it is advisable to invest in cyber security. Cyber-crime has resulted in companies losing millions of shillings through fraud, stealing information and denying access to the system.


To protect a company from hackers it is recommendable source the services of a cyber-security consultant. IT professionals are knowledgeable to how to deal with the different type of threats.


Organizations that use computer system for their operation, and they are advised to apply cyber security. Four areas are focused in this study. Areas that one focuses on in this study are cyber law, digital forensic, white collar crimes and information risk management. How sensitive information from credit card and banks is obtained by hackers can be learned from this study. Using computer codes and special software are some of the ways one deal with threats and hacking.


There is a new threat called ransom ware. E commerce portals and online selling points are the most affected by this threat. The hacker will access customer's information and they will ask the owner of the company to pay up. The hacker manipulate the owner of the business using the information.


To deal with the many types of threats an organization should do a cyber-security assessment system.A cyber-security assessment system is recommended for the various types of threats. This system assist in been able to predict the most likely threats that can affect your computer system. It then provides ways to prevent such threats from occurring. For instance you can set up alarms in the systems which will alarm you in case they are any changes in the network or any security breach occurring in the system.


Seeking the services of a qualified information security manager is vital. Outsourcing is also another option. It should be a reputable company and they have well trained gap assessment consultant. Qualification from the certified computer systems security profession should be a requirement. To get this certification one has to take an advanced test, to test their security system ability.


 To get this certification you require to have the relevant number of experience and be a member of the CISSP body. Relevant number of years and endorsement by the CISSP body is a requirement. It involves doing a six hours examination. A professional with this certification is at an advantage and the chances of employment are high. 


Security in federal department is the main thing that is covered in this course. With this cyber security course you can be employed in any government organization as this course is universal. Due to the rise of cyber-crime, IT professionals are expanding their knowledge on cyber-crime.


A business can compare between their existing management system and the current security standards using ISO27001/2 gap analysis. With this assessment they can be able to change hence achieving compliance with the data protection act principle.This assessment helps a business make the necessary changes so that it can meet the compliance of the data protection act principle. This act set standards for the controllers of data.